When running a business in Hong Kong,  the first thing that has to be thought about is to effectively and correctly communicate in Chinese. It is not enough if all the employees speak Chinese, it is vital that all business documents be in this language for communicating, information exchange, marketing products, reaching out to customers and so on. When you want to do a critical activity such as signing a contract, the entire document must be in Chinese for the deal to go through. With so much of paperwork and digital information to be changed to Chinese, what are your options? Hiring an in-house team is too expensive a proposition. The best option is to outsource the voluminous translation work to CTCTranslate. If you have been searching for a expert Hong Kong native translator, look no farther than us. 

CTCTranslate - Certified Hong Kong Native Translators

We are an experienced translation company and have the capabilities to allow us to complete the work in no time at all. You can be sure that the translated output will be high quality and will serve your needs best.

What sets us apart from so many other translation companies that have sprung up here, is our work methodology. We have a meticulous process in place to give nothing but the best translated output, on time, every time. 

Our translation work flow is like this:

  • Once we receive the document, it is analyzed for content formatting
  • Team members who specialize in the specific content genres are assigned to the project
  • Team leader checks for possible problems that can arise when working with the content and comes up with solutions for them
  • Once work is assigned to team members they begin working on it rapidly
  • Each section that is translated is checked for grammar, spelling and format
  • The translation sections are checked for accuracy
  • Various tools such as style guide, reference material, etc are used to carry out translation efficiently
  • Once the translation is completed it is put into a file which is sent to you
  • Your feedback is noted and any changes required are done
  • After the project is completed the project manger will close it with a report

As you can see we have strict quality control guidelines in place to ensure that the output given is accurate and reliable. You can be rest assured of getting nothing but the most precise and concise translation for your critical and vital business documents. So many software tools are used as part of the translation process such as Adobe Robohelp, Fortis, Word Fast, XTM and much more. But, the translations are verified manually to make sure they are coherent and colloquial. These tools help us to deliver output in a neat and impressive way. Our native translation services Hong Kong has helped many businesses here  to get their critical documents converted into Chinese to carry out important business activities. 

It is to be noted that we do not make use of any automated tools to do the translation. Automatically language translation software gives poor results. All the work is done manually by professional, experienced and certified translators, who are well aware of the finer nuances of the Chinese language and will make a translation accordingly. The translated output will retain the sense of the original document so that your meaning and information is conveyed accurately. Various points such as time and date displays, Hong Kong conventions, currency, measurement systems etc are all checked and included in the translation process to give an accurate output. 

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