The Chinese market is alluring businesses from all over the world. If you are not operating a base here, you are missing out on an important opportunity to grow your business. This has increasingly brought in the need for culturally sensitive and accurate translation. 

CTCTranslate - Cantonese Translator Hong Kong

CTCTranslate offers you high quality Cantonese translation services through which you can get critical documents translated into Cantonese. Our team of translators is skilled in translating any document to Cantonese. Their assistance is of vital support in converting key business contracts and legal documents into this language. They will perform accurate translation, word for word, according to the desired format. The result of using our services is quality Cantonese documents that mirror the original, No need to hire a Cantonese translator, as we provide the most efficient Cantonese translation, giving vast output in a short turnaround time.

How We Work?

The entire process of translation is done in a meticulous way. It begins with an analysis of your requirements, which is broken down into various sections. After information is obtained on these sections, we proceed to translation using information such as terminology, reference materials, style guide etc.  The final output is checked for accuracy, consistency, grammar, format and style before it is submitted. We look into feedback and implement suggested changes before finalizing the project. 

We can translate not just English to Cantonese but also other languages such as German, French etc. Look into our language translation database to find services that are suitable for your needs. We employ only native Cantonese translators and our prices are very low. You can be rest assured of secure, confidential handling of your critical business documents. We have provided translation services for various industries such as engineering, IT, financial, legal and much more. 

Our Cantonese Translation Services are Cost Effective and Accurate

Our services are a very cost effective means of getting vital business or legal documents translated. It is better than making use of Cantonese translator online services. Though companies can have their own in-house Hong Kong translation team, it can result in huge overheads. Such problems can be avoided through our services.  We can carry out various types of translation with efficiency, relieving your company of this task, thus enabling it to concentrate on its core business activities. The translation will be done according to your specific needs. We have carried out such tasks for large, medium and small projects, enabling clients to get results that meet their expectations and which are according to their time schedule.

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