Chinese is a language with many dialects. It is a language that requires in-depth understanding before you are able to speak or write to even a basic degree. Imagine a situation where you have to translate huge volume of official business documents into Chinese for the purpose of running your business activities. This is certainly not something that can be done quickly. You cannot spend money hiring an in-house team to do the task because it will be very expensive. Outsource the task to us and we will get it done in no time at all. If you are seeking manual translation in Hong Kong at affordable rates, look no further. We offer high quality translation at attractively low rates.

Traditional Chinese Manual Translation Services


Today with so many software applications so easily available, the tendency is to use such tools for translation. However you cannot get a perfect result through such software. We offer specialized translations services that give you accurate output that will best serve your needs. All the translation is done manually by translators who are native speakers and have grown up speaking the language and understand its intricacies. 

Our expert Hong Kong traditional chinese manual translation services offers many benefits such as:

  • The translated output has the exact meaning as the original text
  • Our translators are certified professionals hence the output is high quality
  • The translated text is checked for grammar, spelling, accuracy and format before it is submitted to you
  • Our translators can convert any type of document or text into Chinese
  • Translation for various types of industries can be undertaken and delivered quickly

Why Should You Opt For Our Manual Translation Services?

Our Hong Kong manual translation services give the benefit of machine and manual work combined to give fast and correct output. There will be no errors in the translation as seen when translation is done using just software. Every word is read and translated hence a huge amount of effort is put into the task. We have a very methodical translation process, wherein the team leader breaks up the text into sections and hands it over to translators who specialize in the subject. Once the text is translated it undergoes various quality checks and only then it is sent to you. Our rigorous testing process ensures high quality in output and gives you satisfaction which cannot be found in text translated by software.

CTCTranslate enables your business to achieve its goals by giving you translated text that serves your business needs. You may want to sign a contract, else give your marketing material to a prospect. How will you be able to convey your brand message in the most effective way? Make use of our high quality translation services. The translated test will convey you message to the minutest detail, enabling readers to get the information they want and proceed to take up your company’s offer. Our translators can do a huge volume of transaction in a short period of time, enabling your business to get the texts required as soon as possible for your business activities. 

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