CTCTranslate translation services enable you to get general as well as critical documents converted into Chinese for various purposes. These purposes can range from creating a bill to sending a product proposal to a prospect. We will do a neat and efficient translation that will help convey the exact meaning of the original in its Chinese version, thus enabling you to complete actions that were intended with the document.

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Most foreign companies setting up a branch in Hong Kong, need the services of a Hong Kong translator heavily because all their paperwork must be in Chinese to carry out operations here. It is not possible for them to have their own translation team because it is not cost effective to employ one. There are so many other factors that go into running your own team. There may be time constraints, lack of knowledge as required for such translation and much more. By outsourcing such work to us, you can get the translation work done quickly and efficiently but without the huge overheads as seen in running your own team. 

Why Should You Opt For Our Services?

Translation is the need of the hour today with businesses going  global. There is a need to communicate everything in the  official language of the country in which business is conducted.  Such situations call for voluminous conversions which can be undertaken only by a skilled and huge teams like ours. We have the expertise to manage such large volume of work and will do it accordingly within your required time frame. Our Hong Kong translators are experts and certified professionals. They have a thorough understanding of the language and are skilled in  doing any type of translation work. 

Here is a look at the kinds of documents that we can translate:

  • Legal and verification documents
  • Financial and business documents
  • Technical documents
  • Marketing material and communication documents 
  • Business product proposals and white papers 

Our wide range of document translation services will help you get any document ready for running business activities. If you have been searching for an efficient translator in Hong Kong, look no farther than CTC Translate. We can get all your documents translated into Chinese in the shortest possible time. 

Our Translation Method Is Par Excellence

The translation is done methodically so that the output is satisfying and accurate. We have a team leader who checks all documents for their accuracy before it is sent to you. The translated output is also checked for grammar and format. After all the quality checks have been completed we will give the translated document to you. 

Before the project commence the team leader will check it to find out possible problems and come up with solutions to address them. All the translations are done manually, but we make use of various tools  to create the desired output. For example we make use of style guides, terminology databases, queries form, reference material etc.  We may also provide training to team members based on the nature of the content. We have a very methodical translation work flow in place which is why we are able to manage various translation projects with efficiency. It is also the reason for our success in this field. 

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