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For international companies, they often need translate their various documents into Hong Kong Chinese in order to meet requirements of their employees, customers and users in Hong Kong. If they could have an internal translation department, it would be quite good. However, for most of companies, the cost for running a translation department is great higher than the fee for outsourcing the translation tasks to external translation agencies. Moreover, it is impossible to for an internal translation department to meet all translation requirements of the whole company or group, since this kind of requirements have many uncertain factors, such as specialty, timeliness, languages, quantities. Then the best way is to sign a long-term translation agreement with one or two translation agencies, who could arrange their professional team to work for you in a professional way. If you could manage or contact with the agency’s translation team as close as your own team, it will be quite ideal. Our translation team is devoted to do so.


We could translate the following kind of documents: 


- Legal translation and verification documents
- Technical document, user guide, instruction manual, hand book
- Professional commercial and financial documents
- Bank report, business proposals and commercial contracts
- Press release, Company communications and  technological materials


Our Translation Workflow

We not only have experienced translators and advanced technology, but also have a scientific and effective translation workflow, which helps us complete various translation projects successfully.


Step 1: Project Planning & Preparation

After receiving kick-off email from the client, our project manager will go over all of requirements regarding document content, workload, turn-around time, formatting, and layout etc., calculate how many translators, editors, proofreaders and DTP specialists are needed, and make a project schedule (project milestone if necessary) according to the workload and deadline.

After setting the project schedule, our Project Manager will organize a project team consisting of translators, editors, proofreaders and DTP specialists who have related background experience, prepare a project kit including the Style Guide, Specific Instructions, Terminology database, Translation Memory (TM), Reference Materials, Queries Form, Word Counts source files (Divided into several parts as required) and Progress Report, and provide technical training for team members if necessary. The project manager also foresees potential problems and finds feasible solutions to avoid any unexpected setbacks.


Step 2: TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading)

After reading and understanding all of requirements, translators will complete the translations according to the schedule, search or consult any uncertain terms, phrases or background knowledge by search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu etc, collect terms, run Xbench QA to ensure consistency throughout translated files, report queries by filling in the Queries Form daily and report the progress by filling in the Progress Report timely. Editors will review 100% of the translations to check the accuracy, consistency, grammar, spelling, language style etc. by comparing the target language against the source language. Proofreaders will simulate the experience of the end user by proofreading the text without referring to the source documents and run Xbench QA to ensure consistency throughout the entire project. In this Phase the Project Manager handles all of queries timely, monitors the progress report and holds regular meetings to solve problems and share information promptly to ensure the whole project is finished with high quality on time.


Step 3: Pre-delivery Check

Project Manager will conduct the pre-delivery check and to all files to make sure all instructions and internal quality standards are fully observed before delivering them to the client, and then place them in a target folder which include cleaned files, uncleaned files, updated TM & terminologies and specific notes (if any).


Step 4: Delivery and Feedback Implementation

The finished files are zipped and submitted to clients by using the designated method before or by the deadline. If there are any feedbacks or comments, PM will arrange responsible person to implement feedback or comments in the translation.


Step 5: Re-delivery and Project Summary

After the implementation is complete, redeliver translations to the client. After that, project manager will evaluate the project quality and team members’ performance and writes a summary report.


Language Pairs

We mainly provide English to Hong Kong Chinese translation, but we can also undertake the following language pairs:

English  – Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), English – Korean, English – Japanese, English – Thai, English – Vietnamese, English – Hindi, English – Burmese ….

French - Hong Kong Chinese, German - Hong Kong Chinese, Spanish to Hong Kong Chinese...


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